2015 WS | Einfach bauen - Design concepts for Africa

The seminar will give an introduction into the history of elementary building techniques from the primitive hut up to date, followed by reports about real life circumstances in Ethiopia and its traditional and contemporary architecture by Asgedom Haile, EiABC.
The seminar will kick-off with a small-scale building workshop: the Weimar Weller Wand, a wall constructed in the Wellerbau technique. Also a 1-day excursion will investigate traditional mud-wall buildings in the surrounding area and will ensure a hands-on architectural experience.

The attained knowledge can be applied in situ on a 1:1 prototype in a summer workshop in february and march 2016 in the Ethiopian highlands.

Teaching staff InfAR: Prof. D. Donath, Lukas Veltruský, Nicole Baron
Estimated start: Wintersemester 2015/2016, Tuesday, October 13, 1:30 pm
Participants: maximal 16
Program: Bachelor + Master Architektur, Archineering, Umweltingenieur
Keywords: peri-urban settlement, elementary construction, clay building, decarbonization, Africa