2015 WS | Praktisch bauen - Construction for Africa

The attained knowledge from the seminar "einfach.bauen" will be applied in situ on a 1:1 prototype in a summer workshop in february and march 2016 in the Ethiopian highlands. The participants will develop and erect a building with a strong focus on affordable, sustainable and incremental building systems and infrastructure. The participants will attain knowledge in mud-wall construction, alternative frame timber construction systems and low-tech but resistant infrastructure.
The participation in the einfach bauen. [Design Concepts for Africa] seminar is obligatory.

Teaching staff InfAR: Prof. D. Donath, Lukas Veltruský, Nicole Baron, Asgedom Haile
Estimated start: February 2016
Participants: max 6
Program: Bachelor + Master Architektur, Archineering, Umweltingenieur
Keywords: building workshop, elementary construction, clay building, Africa