2014 WS | Seminar | Resilience - From the Urban to the Housing Scale

„What we understand by the concept of 'Urban Resilience' is a broad panorama of ideas that reflects the approach that the development of a city should not take place at the environment’s and future generations’ expenses. Having said that, however, we do not pledge for austerity and puritanism but for a new opulence of urban space, culture, and lifestyles.“ (Thomas Sieverts in his introduction to Harald Kegler’s book “Resilienz”)


Urban resilience is the ability of an urban system (e.g. a neighborhood) to adapt to changes (sudden or gradual) as they happen and to learn from them. This course will focus on resilience as a conceptual tool to create diverse, adaptive, and flexible, in short creative urban systems. The course “Resilience – From the Housing to the Urban Scale” will convey a broad knowledge about urban resilience and its consequences from the scale of architecture and construction to the urban scale.

A two-day, introductory workshop will start off the course (23. - 24.10.15, 9:15 - 16:45). Then, students will learn about resilience theory and its practical application as well as start working on their course assignments in an environment of collaboration and exchange. While this part of the course takes place in the classroom, all further course elements are based on the e-learning platform “moodle”. For the video task, which is the second course element, each student will be required to analyze as well as reflect a best- or worst-case example provided by the lecturer and present his or her findings in a short presentation. In the third phase of the course – the paper task – students will apply their knowledge about (urban) resilience by writing a small research paper about resilience in their immediate surroundings. The course will end with a detailed feedback by the teacher as well as an evaluation of the course by the students.

ECTS: 3 ECTS with grade

Program:  This course is reserved for the following degree programs: Master Architecture, Master European Urbanism, Master Advanced Urbanism

Course language: english

Enrollment through moodle only! For enrollment, please follow the link: https://moodle.uni-weimar.de/course/view.php?id=227