2014/15 WS | Urban Addis: Typologies for Mass Housing in Addis Ababa


With its exponential rise of urbanization, Addis Ababa is experiencing a significant challenge towards accommodating its inhabitants. Numerous solutions have been put in place over the past decade but the challenge of housing in is still unresolved with the imbalanced demand and supply that exists due to the rapid population growth of the city. The current approach of the city administration to deal with this issue is the provision of mass housing with different financial schemes that would entertain citizens in different socioeconomic status.
While doing this, the city administration is working on an urban redevelopment strategy by “renewing” urban slums and replacing them with condominium housing. The inner city is undergoing a massive development that involves a considerable impact on its users: mainly relocation.
This seminar will examine the impact of this redevelopment on the housing sector in regards to infrastructure, architecture and socio-economic aspects.
In the course of the seminar, a comparative study will be conducted to identify the problems and potentials of the current approach to housing with a special focus on informal settlements, slums and condominiums. The seminar analyzes the different strategies that are being implemented in response to the growing housing demand in Addis Ababa.




Responsible: Sarah A. Yusuf
Participants: 15 students
Time: Monday 17:00-18:30
Place: Medienpool 003