2011 SS | CAAD Basic | Visualizing the City History

In this course, students will study how to use “CAD” programs to facilitate creating, manipulating and presenting their designed ideas. The course is execlusively in English.

The course will cover three parts, the first part, students will use “step by step” AutoCAD to learn how to draw buildings’ plans and facades; in the second part of the course, students will taught to use Adobe Photoshop to illustrate their architectural planes and facades, they should use Photoshop to make their ideas more readable; in the third part of the course students will learn how to create 3 dimensional model by AutoCAD. At the end of this course, students suppose to be able to create one page “A1” for any building. They should use all the previous skills to illustrate planes and facades and their 3 dimensional model in this A1 page. Every meeting, a quick review for the previous orders or difficulties should be made. Many examples and case studies will be shown to students at the first meeting.

Zeit:: Mittwoch 11:00 - 12:30 Uhr.