Circle City

In the present study we emanate from the thesis that the size of a settlement has an essential effect on the socio-spatial organisation respectively the residential segregation of its population. To verify this thesis the city´s spatial development structure from the streets via the buildings to the flats is represented as graph. This model city enables the investigation of every possible spatial configuration. On the basis of the graph an agent based segregation model is introduced. For the simulation of the residential segregation the households are represented by agents that try to get a flat with a neighbourhood as good as possible. 

Altogether the results of the model analysis show that there are relevant effects of the size of a settlement on the socio-spatial organisation of the population, if the tolerance thresholds of the population are in a critical area. A critical area refers to the area of tolerance thresholds within which a small change causes a relatively large effect on the segregation of the population. Within the critical areas a positive relationship between the size of a city and the segregation of the population can be shown. This relationship is enforced if the density of the settlement increases. In the model a higher density can be represented for example with more houses per street or more flats per house.

Circle City
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Circle City
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